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What can I do to ensure I receive Cashback?
What can I do to ensure I receive Cashback?
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To ensure your you receive your Cashback, here are some tips:

1) Always start your shopping journey from Hello Clever. Click through Hello Clever and you will be redirected to the store platform for every purchase you want to make.

2) Do not open other web pages/links (including search sites, social media, store sites, promotional/discount sites) or web browsers after clicking through Hello Clever.

3) Do not click on other advertisement banners or links on the store’s webpage when shopping.

4) Disable your Ad Block software. Adblockers will affect the Cashback tracking.

5) Make sure that Hello Clever's app is updated to the latest version for app purchases.

6) Always ensure you adhere to our Partner Store's terms and conditions for Cashback before making a purchase.

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