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We’re making a bold, broke, bank statement.

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We’re making a bold, broke, bank statement.

Gen Zs are set to be the brokest generation in Australia. Unless… you can bank on something else.

We reckon it’s time to get Clever and get some bank balance back in your life.

Clever is the most comprehensive, independent financial management app in Australia.

It’s the only AI driven app to financially empower Australia’s youth, kind of doing what a b*@$ does, without being one.

Clever’s only goal is to get you to your goals, faster.

We encourage millennials to be selfish. To think for yourself and only about yourself to manage your money better. Clever provides independent, automated and instant financial help you can bank on.

Our Core Values:

🥑 Customer is Our Obsession

💡 We create Clever Ideas

🚀 We reinvent and we simplify

👬 A team that’s empowered

💜 Build with heart and balance

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